New Technologies that Grow Industries

It is sometimes hard to imagine a world without the technologies we now enjoy. Whether it be ordering a pizza on your smartphone on the way home from a long day of work or streaming the latest episode of your favorite television show, the world has evolved. But these are simply examples we have of new technologies making our lives easier at home. In the work world, even bigger changes have been happening, some that you may not even be aware of if you don’t work in that industry.

From using sonar to detect underground deposits of coal and oil to amazing micro technologies that save lives in medicine, business is using technology to move in leaps and bounds these days. Some of these changes may not be easily evident but they too make our lives easier. Here are just a few that may have changed your own life without you even being aware of it.

Finding New Oil Deposits

While the world may be intent on finding alternative sources for energy, right now we still need the oil and gas industry to continue to provide us with fuel to drive our cars and light our houses. But even with that need decreasing for the first time, our population continues to grow and more and more countries are coming into the modern world and need energy sources today. This is why these industries continue to need more and more of the dwindling oil reserves still in the ground.

Finding them is often a big source of frustration. That is until certain technologies such as the development of computer models that can pinpoint the best approach to single point moorings for deep sea oil platforms were developed. These complicated software programs can look at multiple issues and find the best possible solution that is safe as well as economical.

Identifying Cancer in DNA

The development of our ability to not only understand how our DNA affects whether we develop cancer or not, but to also manipulate the strands has grown our medical understanding of the disease in a huge way the last decade or two. We have gone from simply being able to identify the entire molecule and understand it to seeing where it has been damaged and beginning to be able to repair it.

This giant leap in medical technology may make cancer a disease we can nip in the bud in the not too distant future. As we learn more and more about how to manipulate individual cells, how to change the structure of our individual DNA to undo damage from birth defects or exposure to dangerous conditions, we change how we see disease itself. The future does indeed look bright for the latest technological advances we have seen in molecular science.

Technology and Transportation

Of course, one of the advances many of us are well aware of is the development of driverless cars. But this new technology goes far beyond simply our own driving, though it is bound to make the roadways safer, decrease traffic and free up parking to be developed into green urban spaces.

With the development of driverless vehicles in commercial transit we can see driverless trains taking us across vast areas, convoys of driverless trucks delivering goods across the land and maybe even eventually driverless flying vehicles that take us from one place to another in the wink of an eye. The future for this technology is beginning to unfold.

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